Saltwater Pool without a Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Most people install salt systems because they enjoy how their skin feels after getting out of the pool. Salt systems are not maintenance free and when the cell, no it doesn’t last a life time, goes bad you will spend $400+ for a new one. However, you can still enjoy this feeling even if you have a chlorine system on your pool. You can add pool salt to any pool at any time. Many people do this and there are no ill affects to your pool equipment if you do this.

Now obviously when you add the salt and you don’t have a salt generator system the salt won’t be used to create chlorine like it is when you have a true salt system but you don’t need that as you have a chlorine feeder or floater that is holding your chlorine tabs as they are being dissolved. So you still will need to add chlorine in the normal fashion like you do today.

So to enjoy the softness of a salt pool, get a reading of your current salt level, yes many pools already have some salt in them, then you can find a chart that will tell you how many pounds of salt you will need to add to get your pool into the salt range of say 3400 to 4000 ppm. Add your salt and brush it around your pool and then enjoy your new “salt added” chlorine fed pool.

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