Pool Pumps
There are many pool pumps on the market, but they all do the same thing. The suck your water in and return it back to your swimming pool. The main difference between pool pumps is the horse power of the pool pump. The higher the horse power the more suction you will get out of your swimming pool. Chances are if you have just moved into your home the pump horse power is correct for your swimming pool. If you add more suction into your pool by adding such things like a pool cleaner or pool waterfalls you may need to purchase another pump or increase the horse power of your pump by purchasing a new one.

There are several things that are happening inside your pump, but here is the basics on how it is working.

The pump motor is used to draw the water in through the pump intake and into the pump housing. The water goes through the large debris basket where large debris is caught so it does not clog the pump system. This basket needs to be cleaned out for proper suction of your pump. The rate of debris that is collected will depend on your swimming pool and your pool surroundings. The basket can be accessed by opening the strainer cover after your pump is turned off. The Water then goes through the rest of the pump and is discharged out to the filter. If you are having issues with your pump please see our pool pump answers section.

If you are having issues with your pool pump and or need to replace it, you can contact us at (813) 335-7491.